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Family.  When asked to describe Maxxd Out Auto Club in one word, they chose “Family”.  Many clubs claim this trait but Maxxd Out has continuously substantiated and demonstrated that they indeed are a family.  This has been the separating factor in why many clubs come and go, but Maxxd Out stands firmly in their status as a Car Club. 
Maxxd Out was started when a group of tightly knit friends, all with identical interests, wanted to form a unified organization. 

Since May 2001, Maxxd Out has been shaping and molding a union that completely defies the mold.  When they first were introduced into the Tuner community, many clubs were only accepting certain types of vehicle.  Maxxd Out chose to accept any and all vehicle.  Other clubs were forcing their members to give dues.  This was against everything Maxxd Out believed.  All funds in the club have come from a voluntary donation from club members.  Only one element was required of their members.  That was dedication.  This produced one of the most diverse alliances in the industry.  The unity that this club has displayed has been immense and has had a great impact on many individuals.  From the youth of Hillside and surrounding communities, to the more mature crowds, Maxxd Out always tries to send positive vibes to the public domain.
                Maxxd Out has seen its share of negativity in the public and has suffered its dreadful dealings.  From being accused of stealing cars to ultimately having many of their cars stolen, Maxxd Out has remained zealous in its efforts to become a nationwide commodity.  They have chapters in Colorado and even in Egypt (Africa).  Maxxd Out is being represented immeasurably.

In order to keep their cars in superlative condition, Maxxd Out has established significant relationships with many of the industry’s local businesses.  Tuner shops like MB Racing in Garfield NJ, and GRAFX in Linden NJ, and support from RIX Magazine have helped this club make a bona fide impression in the community.  This not only keeps small business in motion, but also helps both factions to grow and become more formidable against the corporate businesses.